"LAR" Limited Assistance Representation

What is LAR and what benefits does it provide to clients?

In the past, attorneys required large monetary retainers because they were obligated to handle all aspects of the case through the trial process.

Now LAR allows clients to retain lawyers at a very reasonable rate for limited, personally selected legal services such as (1) advice and counsel, (2) document preparation, and (3) representation in court. Legal services are unbundled such that a client pays only for specified, pre-determined services rendered by the attorney rather than paying for all services required by full representation.

Examples of typical LAR clients

Clients who do not qualify for legal aid, clients concerned about costs for full representation, clients who wish to retain certain control over their case, clients who want attorneys to only (1) coach them with advice and counsel, (2) prepare paperwork, or (3) represent them in Court.

Pay as you go, flat fees

The client maintains control over costs by paying a specific amount of money for particular agreed upon services.

Free Case Analysis Consultation

Any client who wants to save money and does not know much about the law is a client who should ask for a free consultation concerning LAR. During a free, up to one hour consultation, the attorney and client discuss the nature of the case, and the various benefits of limited legal assistance. Specific tasks are assigned to the attorney or the client, after the client is informed of any consequences or trade-offs. The client becomes aware of the available options during a case analysis discussion such that the scope of representation is clarified.

Clients Make Informed Decisions

The client is informed of risks such as: assigning responsibility to a client of a particularly complex issue; the unpredictable nature of judge's decisions and evidentiary objections; the likelihood of unanticipated objections; and awareness of issues which the client may not understand. Yet, the attorney and the client work as a team to form a division of responsibilities to meet the clients needs to control costs in balance with the client's capabilities.

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